Five Short Plays of Magical Realism

A collection of five short plays that combine comedy and drama with magical realism to explore love’s limitations and possibilities. 

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A man searching for his soulmate finally finds her. There’s just one problem. She doesn’t believe in soulmates. (1M/1F, Approx. 12-13 minutes)

An Ethical Fantasy

A woman’s dream is interrupted by reality. Can she put her fantasy back on track? (1M/1F, Approx. 8-9 minutes)


A man needs to buy an anti-love tonic to quell his feelings for someone. But the cashier is less than inclined to sell it to him. (1M/1F/1Gender Neutral, Approx. 13-14 minutes)

An Idealized Nightmare

A woman gets a second chance with her high school crush. The date seems too good to be true, until it isn’t. (1M/1F, Approx. 15-16 minutes)

Not Knowing

A man encounters a woman with a special power; she sees the future relationship she could have with anyone. But for some reason, her powers don’t work on him. (2M/2F, Approx. 14-15 minutes)

Interested in performing this? Please send all royalty inquiries via the Contact page.

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