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Photography Copyright 2017, Alyssa Ahle
Photography Copyright 2017, Alyssa Ahle
Photography Copyright 2015, Alyssa Ahle

An HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

You know me

I’m the one

covering my ears

when the train goes by

screaming on tracks

racing to nowhere

You’re so dramatic

Stop covering your ears

Do you crave attention?

What’s wrong with you?

Did they forget 

to diagnose you

and let you live life

thinking you’re crazy? 

I didn’t ask

for everyday sounds

to set my brain on fire

for my nervous system 

to send signals of pain

throughout my body

every time 

a baby’s cry

a motorcycle rev

cuts into my eardrum 

If a person can break my heart

then sounds

decimate my soul

my body

my temple

I cover my ears

so I don’t scream



The Closest Thing

Glass bottles

On coasters

Netflix loads

Episode thirty

Je t’aime

He says

Green eyes

Seeking blue

Ti amo

He says

Our fingers

Fitting together

He knows

I fear

The truth

He feels

Closed eyes

Protect me

From hearing 

His words

Doubt forbids 

My heart

From escaping

The past

Another soul

Might pledge

Its love

In English

I cannot

Not yet…

Te amo 

I say


I remember your name

The world doesn’t

I whisper your name

The world won’t listen

No one

will talk about you

So you disappear

Closure is a word

I will never know

The letter I wrote you

will never be opened

The questions I have

will never be answered

I miss you

Do you miss me?

Do you remember me?

Or did you choose

to forget


it was easier

I didn’t

And now…

it hurts

every day

to live

without you

It’s impossible

to forget you

You’re still alive

but I must pretend

that you are dead

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